My Career Roadmap in Tech.

My Career Roadmap in Tech.

On the path to becoming an android app developer.

Being a beginner in tech can be challenging but with the right guidance, you'll surely have an easy journey in it.

The right guidance begins with understanding the tech world, and most importantly knowing the career path in tech. This is important as it'll enable you to know the path to follow at the start of your tech career. Maybe it's a linear or non-linear path.

The guidance can be in the form of YouTube videos, online tutorials or virtual tutorials.

For me, it's a Youtube video titled "Designing your tech career roadmap" by Yewande Odumosu. I'm short of words to describe the video except for superb.

It's from the video I learned there are two career paths in tech, linear and non-linear.

•Linear: With the linear, you'll have to face one path and follow it till the end. It doesn't give room for change and this makes lots of people prefer

•Non-linear: to it as it gives room for change. You may begin your tech career on one path and transition to a different path, even more than once in this. It enables you to be ready for any opportunity and that's an advantage.

I also go with the non-linear roadmap because the world evolves every day and we also have to be evolving with it to have a great life.

Following the non-linear path, I can switch from an android app developer to a web developer or data analyst if I need to, but this won't be easy if I lack determination and discipline. So these attributes I must possess to be able to transition perfectly at any time.

Also, I learned the importance of mentorship and the trick to have a mentor without taking the time of the person as lots of people today don't have time to spare.

The trick is following their posts on social media and from there, you're gonna gain a lot.

In addition, I learned about the importance of visibility and that I've to be visible to have a great career in tech. I've to make my social media profiles eye-catching to potential employers.

Also, to ask smart questions in public events and gatherings and contribute my quota in the discussion if it demands.

Oh, how do I intend to use the lesson learnt from the tutorial? As I've said from the beginning, the tutorial is like my stepping stone in tech. I've to follow it step by step in order not to fall face down.

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